Sunday, February 11, 2007

Today we visited a special day assembly to hear the final talk by brother Pierce, a memeber of the Governing Body and he gave an illustration about a monkey. So I'm posting this one as well.

He was reminded of an old movie that featured animal capturers that sell to zoos. And it showed how they would catch monkeys. He would drill a hole in a coconut, just big enough so that a golf ball could barely fit. Then he tethered the coconut to a tree. And he would do all of this in plain sight, right before all of the monkeys. So he would take that golf ball, look at it like it was delicious, lick it and make it desirable. After that little show, he put the golf ball in the coconut and walked away. It was only a matter of time until one of the monkeys got curious and wanted to see what was so good. He goes down there, puts his little manito in the coconut, grabs the golf ball and lo and behold, he was stuck. As much as he would struggle, he could not get loose. The solution is simple, let go of the ball.

Then he applied the illustration: "Don't let Satan make a monkey out of you." He asked if we are holding onto something that Satan makes attractive? Something that his world makes desirable? It can be hard to let go. But, really, that is the simple solution.

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  1. Mily said...
    Very good illustration. Something to really think about. I heard a similar talk this weekend too. It was more on how the youth is being "distracted" by Satan, and leaving the organization, sad but true. The whole talk was about how to guard our mind, but especially our heart. How times have change, I remember when I was young the talks were not as direct, but we are at the end, so what can we expect.

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