Wednesday, February 28, 2007

First of all, for those of you who commented some of your experiences, thank you.

Here is one of those:

“I recall my auntie telling me about one time when she was out on service with my cousins, a little girl and a toddler boy. One of the householders, in her complete mean-ness, dispatched her dogs to attack the sister and her children!”

Ok, I’m gonna pause here. Now that’s just plain mean! But all she’s doing is proving the apostle Paul’s words about the true followers of Christ: “All those desiring to live with godly devotion in association with Christ Jesus will also be persecuted.” – 2 Timothy 3:12

What was up with that lady anyway? Maybe she was just having a bad day. Hopefully, at a later time, she will regret this course of action and will accept the message.


"As the Canis lupus familiarises raced towards them, panic kinda set in and there was no time to run or hide. My aunt did what she could: put faith in Jehovah. She cried out His name and the dogs halted in their tracks, turned, and went on their merry way.”

The sister concluded this experience with: “The power of Jehovah ... and his swift angels.”

If anyone has more experiences (doesn’t have to involve dogs) please email me by clicking on the following link: [email roy]

Thanks Tam.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

That's what brother Roman Diaz told my brother while he was in the nursing home, in hospice. About a week before he died. Last night the funeral services began. Brother Gonzalez gave the talk. And this morning, the final part of the services took place with a few words from brother Garcia doing a recap of last night's consideration.

We were the last ones to leave the funeral home, right after the family. When his sister went up to see him, she started weeping and could not stop. That was not easy to see.

But remembering the good and happy details helped. This sister mentioned how he used to be in the same bookstudy as she, at her house. She remembers how he would ask her to make his favorite cookies. And that he would always fight over the seats.

I remember when he would go out on service with us. Whenever we would work the street called 'Lytle', he could never pronounce it. He would say 'Li-li-light-er, lighter'. It was pretty funny. Pobrecito. He was always with a smerk. It's the little things that sometimes count and make all the difference. He will be missed until we see him again.

His family that were present are not Witnesses, so I think they benefitted from the comfort found in the Scriptures. Learning the truth of the Bible concerning death.

It was a sad occasion, but a joyful one too, knowing that brother Diaz lived a successful life in Jehovah's service. He served as an elder, a missionary, a special pioneer along with his wife, who died a couple of years ago. His missionary partner, brother Guajardo, was also there. He helped with the carrying of the coffin. And I, too, was one of the six to be carrying that box of sadness. But at the same time, it was a box filled with so many faithful years to Jehovah.

Hebrews 6:10 - "For God is not unrighteous so as to forget YOUR work and the love YOU showed for his name, in that YOU have ministered to the holy ones."

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Well, there has been many things happening these past couple of weeks. Many good news, that is. But, as we live in this system of things, there are also, unfortunately, bad news.


Another one of my brothers is now serving as a regular pioneer. His name begins with an 'R' and ends with an 'S' and rhymes with 'boss'. One of my cousins also started that same career. My younger brother is getting to auxiliar pioneer for the next 3 months. Another of my friends has been invited to go to the MTS school, another is get'n hitch'd, and another has been assigned to serve where the need is grrrrreat. And my study has started to go to the meetings.


My study didn't study this past week.


Tuesday night at the meeting I was kinda blue. You see I had prepared for this part and it turned out that another brother had it. I was even excited to give it.


And on top of that, I didn't even get to listen to brother give it! I had to be outside to play security guard. It's that we've had some break-ins and now we have to take turns and watch the automobiles. Because of those wicked minions of Satan, I missed the part. But the good thing is that we're looking out for our brothers and sisters, and we are currently implementing measures to be able to listen while out there. So take that, you wicked minions of Satan!

So there are always good things and bad things. It's inevitable. But it's also inevitable that the greatest most goodest thing is yet to come.

-2 Peter 3.13 "But there are new heavens and a new earth that we are awaiting according to his promise, and in these righteousness is to dwell."

Friday, February 23, 2007

Today's joke came about in a weird way. This morning, as the music and talk show on the radio was on, I was sort of awake. I was kinda in and out of conciousness and I heard a joke they had said. Now that I think about it, I might have dreamt it. I don't really know, but it's a lame joke and for that, it is blog-worthy.

Q: Why couldn't the pony talk?

A: Because he was a little hoarse!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Being out in the ministry is always an adventure. Because you simply do not know what's gonna happen. Who's behind that door? Hello? Helloooo?

Well, a brother sent me this story of what happened to these sisters while preaching. This has probably happened to every one of us, but here goes his account:

"We finished with the territory and we were walking back to our automobiles. The brothers, including myself walked back to the cars so that we could pick up the two sisters and little Lito. (I guess someone should've stayed with the sisters. Silly us.) I started to walk back to the sisters to let them know what street we were going to work next.

THEN a dog appeared and he was ferociously barking at the defenseless trio (as it would appear to human eyes, anyway - Psalm 34.7a "The angel of Jehovah is camping all around those fearing him.").

The Canis lupus familiaris was getting closer and continued to bark, and it got louder and louder.

And louder.

As they started to move away, one of the sisters then displayed courage by getting between the emotionally shallow animal and the other two publishers. She cried out, "On guard!" (but in a french accent ('On ghaaard!').

Anyway, she put her bag in the way and the dog began snarl at the bag, wanting to tear it apart, along with the sister's arm.

All this was happening within seconds, obviously. So, as I started to prance in a manly manner over to them, trying not to startle the dog any more, I started to tell the sisters not to move, to show the angry animal that they weren't afraid. Immediately, I started towards them, to show the persecutor that he is greatly outnumbered.

Did the dog care?

No. No he did not.

Relentlessly, he kept pressing on, grasping the sister's bag of life-saving literature.

By this time, one of the brothers had gotten back with his truck and when he became aware of the situation, he hastily went for the dog. Beeping sounds went off.

And that did it. The dog finally left, knowing that this day, was not his day." (Psalm 34.7b "And he rescues them.")

As you can tell, I kinda spuffed it up a bit, but that's what happens sometimes. And where would you guess those sisters are doing the next chance they get? Out preaching. That's what makes us different: our genuine love for our neighbor, knowing that they need to hear the 'good news' even though it may mean certain danger for the proclaimers of the Kingdom of God.

Are there any experiences, or ADVENTURES you would like to share? :)

Please email them to me. Please.... pretty please?


Monday, February 19, 2007

If you've got 6 minutes and 49 seconds to spare, sit back and watch a cartoon.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ok, I uploaded the talk to another site and NOW you should be able to download it. Click here to go to the original post for the download link.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My brother, el Ruben, and his twisted mind are being used for good, making more of himself to help out in the congregation.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Today we visited a special day assembly to hear the final talk by brother Pierce, a memeber of the Governing Body and he gave an illustration about a monkey. So I'm posting this one as well.

He was reminded of an old movie that featured animal capturers that sell to zoos. And it showed how they would catch monkeys. He would drill a hole in a coconut, just big enough so that a golf ball could barely fit. Then he tethered the coconut to a tree. And he would do all of this in plain sight, right before all of the monkeys. So he would take that golf ball, look at it like it was delicious, lick it and make it desirable. After that little show, he put the golf ball in the coconut and walked away. It was only a matter of time until one of the monkeys got curious and wanted to see what was so good. He goes down there, puts his little manito in the coconut, grabs the golf ball and lo and behold, he was stuck. As much as he would struggle, he could not get loose. The solution is simple, let go of the ball.

Then he applied the illustration: "Don't let Satan make a monkey out of you." He asked if we are holding onto something that Satan makes attractive? Something that his world makes desirable? It can be hard to let go. But, really, that is the simple solution.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ok, you should be able to download the talk now. Click here to go to the original post for the download link.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Check these out. Check-it check-it check-it check-it check it out. Check-it check-it check-it check-it check it out. Check-it check-it check-it check-it check it out.

[Thanks C.Baur.]

Okay, I uploaded the talk, but the link doesn't seem to work. I'll have it up by next week. Yall come back now, ya hear?!

Here's the talk I talked about called "Jehovah's Table". You can download it here. Go down until you see "Download for free with FileFactory Basic", follow the instructions and you're set.

The password is the answer to these three questions:

1. In what year was the name Jehovah's Witnesses adopted?

2. In what year was the "great crowd" identified? (Revelation 7:9)

3. In what year did brother Russell end his course here on earth?

The password will be in this format: 0000/0000/0000

If you need any assistance with the download or the link, you can email me.

Let me know what you think, kay?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Last night I received a CD in the mail. It was from a friend of mine from North Carolina. The CD had a talk on it given by a circuit overseer and it is called "Jehovah's Table". As many other talks, it's very good. I listened to it in my car this morning and got to hear all of it.

It was a talk about staying at Jehovah's table. But sometimes we may feel like we don't deserve to be there. When a brother or sister tells us how good we are doing, we may sometimes think, "If only you knew, you wouldn't be saying that". And that could make us feel worse. We may feel like someone who considered himself a dead dog. Because a dog was the worst thing anyone could be in ancient times. Now a dead dog? We may feel that way too, but Jehovah tells us and keeps on telling us to stay at his table. The brother gives it so well and is sort of known to make you shed a tear or two.

I will try to upload the talk tomorrow and post the link for download if anyone would like to hear it.

Only in Jehovah's organization...
can you go up to another brother or sister and address them as a "good-for-nothing slave", and not offend them. On the contrary, it may even draw you closer together! (Luke 17.10)


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Last night we had the Ministry School and a lil Abby had her first participation in the second school. It was pretty packed in back there. It was my mom's part but Abby, who is like 12 years old, was playing the "daughter". It turned out so good and so cute that before an applause could be asked for, someone started it. Her mom was even recording it! Obviously she was proud, as was the grandmother and uncle that were present. And more so, was Jehovah.

It was a nice and encouraging moment, enough to write about.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Circuit Overseer gave this illustration in his talk:

A young boy and his father were sitting at the table, and the boy was looking at his father eat a bowl of green olives. He loved green olives. "Mmm", he went every few minutes. So, the boy got curious and started to pick green olives from his father's bowl. He put one in his mouth and almost immediately spit it out. "Yuck!" he said in disgust, for the olive was obviously bitter and sour. His father just smiled and kept on eating. "Mmm." So, the kid tried it again. But the same results. "Yuck!" His father smirked again and kept munching. So, the kid looked into the bowl, carefully picked out one and popped it in his mouth. "Yuck!" Then he continued, "It's not fair! You're picking all the good ones!"

Olives have an acquiring taste, right? It's not something that'll be yummy right away.

Olives, like some personalities, need time to acquire it's taste. Of course, there are many types of personalities and some may not be compatible with ours AT FIRST. It would require effort from our part to make it work. And like that kid, over time, he came to love olives.

Monday, February 05, 2007

It's cool how they edited this video. A friend of mine sent this to me.

And for you U2 enthusiasts, there are four more songs down in the depths of this page.

I remember now! Its that I downloaded this ringtone that was the Captain Planet theme song and it made me remember how cool the song was, but then quickly made me realize how lame the lyrics are. It's funny, though. I know you used to watch it. DON'T DENY IT, Jerry!

Click here to listen.


Well, I had something in mind to post, but I forgot.


Umm. I'm eating a doughnut right now.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Last night a sad thing happened. I had to let Alice go. That is what I named my truck, by the way. (It's a guy thing.) I've had her for the past 6 years or so. But I had to let it go. I simply needed a more reliable car.

So, as I took out any remaining things from the truck, I flashback-ed when I got it. I remeber how I felt getting it... Yeah, there was a 'moment'. But life, as the show, must go on. And thanks to Jehovah, I got a better car. By 'better', of course I mean better on gas, affordable, 4 doors, better quality. I just remembered the wise reminder my cuz told me: "Just remember: What you want and what you need are two different things." But the good thing is that it looks nice. So I think I got a little of both. It's what I like to call the "S.U.V.": the Service Utility Vehicle.

So, at about 12:20am, local time, after much deliberation and negotiation, I drove off the lot as content as I can be.