Wednesday, August 23, 2006

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Another Awesome Experience

Last week, a good friend of mine sent me this experience that was given in one of the conventions in Ft.Worth, Texas this year:

[thanks evie]

A brother interviewed 4 people. An older sister and 3 brothers. He asked the sister if she had experienced joy in her pioneering service of 21 years. She said yes, although there had been some sadness. Her eldest son left home without accepting the truth but the rest of her kids came into the truth.

So he asked her what was a joyful experience? She said she was calling on a woman and met the woman's husband and started a study with him. Then pointing to the brother next to her, "This is him, Brother ______".

He's now an elder and pioneer. Now he gets asked a little background info. Then asked if he had found joy. "Yes", he said, "I studied with (pointing to brother next in line) Brother_____".

The next brother tells his story. He was Catholic but his boss (the brother before) started pioneering and needed Bible studies, so he thought he would help him out and
be a Bible study. Of course he came into the truth too.

He was then asked if he'd found joy in ministry. "Yes", (and pointing to last brother) "I studied with Brother _____ and he came into the truth". So the next brother is interviewed.

He had been trying to tell a workmate that there was no hell fire (knew from a family member in the truth) but didn't know how to show the man using the Bible, and decided he needed to study the Bible. Shortly there after the previous brother called on him and started a study with him and he came into the truth.

Then the speaker/interviewer went back to the sister and asked her even though she'd had some sadness did any of these brothers bring her a particular joy? "Yes", (and she starts walking toward the last brother interviewed).

"This is my son that almost got away." And they are crying by the time she gets to him and he hugged her. Needless to say there wasn't a dry eye in the building. Even the speaker was choked up. Her son came into the truth from a Bible study she had
started and it passed along until he was contacted.

Can you imagine what would've happened if she got discouraged and left the truth, or maybe even stopped pioneering? None of this would've happened. You just never know who, when, and where someone will accept the truth. (Ecclesiastes 11.6; Proverbs 3.27)

[another previously posted experience, go here (3rd paragraph)]

Friday, August 04, 2006

Brother Perla

This is one of the visiting brothers from Bethel and added to the great talks given throughout the 3 days of the convention. He was also the one to present the new publication. But altogether, great reminders of where in history we are presently at: the last part of the last days. We were reminded to watch out for Satan's traps and to live with Jehovah's day in mind. Not just know that His day is coming, but live it. Brother Perla stressed that when he presented the new publication.

It was an awesome event.