Thursday, February 22, 2007

Being out in the ministry is always an adventure. Because you simply do not know what's gonna happen. Who's behind that door? Hello? Helloooo?

Well, a brother sent me this story of what happened to these sisters while preaching. This has probably happened to every one of us, but here goes his account:

"We finished with the territory and we were walking back to our automobiles. The brothers, including myself walked back to the cars so that we could pick up the two sisters and little Lito. (I guess someone should've stayed with the sisters. Silly us.) I started to walk back to the sisters to let them know what street we were going to work next.

THEN a dog appeared and he was ferociously barking at the defenseless trio (as it would appear to human eyes, anyway - Psalm 34.7a "The angel of Jehovah is camping all around those fearing him.").

The Canis lupus familiaris was getting closer and continued to bark, and it got louder and louder.

And louder.

As they started to move away, one of the sisters then displayed courage by getting between the emotionally shallow animal and the other two publishers. She cried out, "On guard!" (but in a french accent ('On ghaaard!').

Anyway, she put her bag in the way and the dog began snarl at the bag, wanting to tear it apart, along with the sister's arm.

All this was happening within seconds, obviously. So, as I started to prance in a manly manner over to them, trying not to startle the dog any more, I started to tell the sisters not to move, to show the angry animal that they weren't afraid. Immediately, I started towards them, to show the persecutor that he is greatly outnumbered.

Did the dog care?

No. No he did not.

Relentlessly, he kept pressing on, grasping the sister's bag of life-saving literature.

By this time, one of the brothers had gotten back with his truck and when he became aware of the situation, he hastily went for the dog. Beeping sounds went off.

And that did it. The dog finally left, knowing that this day, was not his day." (Psalm 34.7b "And he rescues them.")

As you can tell, I kinda spuffed it up a bit, but that's what happens sometimes. And where would you guess those sisters are doing the next chance they get? Out preaching. That's what makes us different: our genuine love for our neighbor, knowing that they need to hear the 'good news' even though it may mean certain danger for the proclaimers of the Kingdom of God.

Are there any experiences, or ADVENTURES you would like to share? :)

Please email them to me. Please.... pretty please?



  1. Mily said...
    Brave, brave sisters. I know that they were praying very hard, and Jehovah helped them. But like was said, we are the only ones that would go back and do it all over again if we had to, just as long as we can get to these people, knowing there isn't much time left.
    Anonymous said...
    Well, better the dog got a face full of bag than a mouthful of the sisters. Honestly, people need to restrain their dogs.

    I remember my aunt telling me that one time she was in service with her son (who was a toddler at the time) and one of her little girls. This lady, to be mean, released her vicious dogs out on my aunt and her kids.

    The dogs were racing right toward her and she had nowhere to go, no time to run and nowhere to put the kids. So, she cried out to Jehovah and the dogs simply stopped, turned around and went home.

    The power of Jehovah ... and his swift angels.

    Ruben Mishael said...
    My experiences with dogs were of the like but this happened a couple of years ago. Not that I havent gone out on service since then, but I just havent encountered another vicious dog like that. An elderly brother and myself were the only ones that went on field service during the summer vacations. The elderly brother never wanted to have a partner because he felt we walked to fast for him and he hurried and would tire out. So he sent me through one side of the street and he went through the other. I, being, a shy and insecure,individual at age 17 was so afraid of going by myself to the doors. I get to a house that has about 9 different dogs and they all surround me and growl at me. I at this time have my handy book bag in front of me and Jehovah is all of sudden being inundated with prayers from a terrified 17 year old. All of sudden one of the vicious "rabid" canines decided to inflict even more fear in me by grabbing my pant. I freaked out, panicked,and started to shake him off. He let go and I hurriedly went back and met with the brother and didnt say anything just stood quietly beside him pretending I had finished all the side of the street in less than 10 minutes. He didnt ask and I didnt say anything. On a side note, this elderly brother had a legion of angels protecting him at all times. A moving train crash his car for parking on the tracks 3 times and he fell off a flight of stairs from a second story building. This brother was 80 years old and never broke a bone in his body. He was out on field service 6 days out of the week every week without fail. Sad to say he passed away already but all the young people in my congregation at that time grew up to be zealous pioneers all because of brothers like him.

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