Monday, October 09, 2006

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This is what the "faithful and discreet slave"(Mat24.45) answers: The increment from 6 to 7 indicates that the list is not complete, due to that human beings keep multiplying their wrongdoings. - w00 15/9 p.27

It's also interesting what the same article points out: The seven fundamental categories the proverb mentions, practically covers all types of wrongdoings. 'Lofty eyes' and 'a heart fabricating hurtful schemes' are sins that are committed by thought. A 'false tongue' and 'a false witness that launches forth lies' refers to types of transgressions that are committed by words. 'Hands that are shedding innocent blood' and 'feet that are in a hurry to run to badness' have to do with wrongful or wicked acts. And Jehovah especially hates that one takes pleasure in provoking contentions between persons that would otherwise dwell in peace. And that is why we should cultivate a loathing for everything that Jehovah hates.

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