Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Well, I'm back. Anyone miss me? ... Anyone? ... ? ... The singing gum did, I think. :o

Well, anyway, we had 2 grad parties this weekend. They were both good in their own ways. Of course, what makes a gathering a good one is the brothers. It's just that on Sunday there were more people dancing. It didn't keep us wondering what else to put on. And we got to put all the salsa and bachata and cumbia and merengue that we could muster. But that was the only difference. I got my dose of bachata and cumbia that I needed for the week. BOO-YAH!

Q: Why did Tarzan lose the chess game?
A: Because he was playing against Cheetah!]


  1. chelsea_bauer said...
    :( I had to read that joke 4 times before i got it... i hope that means that it was a bad joke and not that i am going blonde.
    Roy said...
    no, it was a bad joke. :)

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