Monday, June 05, 2006

Biblical Trivia #4
What was the average number of Jehovah's Witnesses that proclaimed the "good news" every month worldwide last year? (Matthew 24.14)

(Of course, you will not find this in the Bible, but I think you might have an idea where to look...)


  1. chelsea_bauer said...
    At the convention this year they pointed out that they had over 10 million in attendance at the convention the previous year (world wide)... and we had something like 16 million at the memorial last year... so plenty of bible studies are out there for us! Wow, like one per publisher. Sorry, not organized... I can't find that Watchtower with the yearly totals in it fro your trivia question.
    Roy said...
    well, that's ok. those are pretty accurate numbers. thanks, though.
    david said...
    6 million!


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