Friday, May 18, 2007

Today is the day before tomorrow. Or you could also say that today is the day after yesterday. Anyway, be it as it may, this afternoon, I will officially be unemployed! But not homeless. A brother offered to rent me a room until I find a job and apartment. After 8 years here, it's buh-bye. Kinda sad and kinda scary moving on. Change is never easy at first, I guess. The brothers in Sonora are scouting, as we speak, for jobs. A sister called me back last night and told me of potential jobs I can apply there, according to the newspaper. So Monday, me and my grandparents are gonna go down there, or should I say "up there" (NW of San Antonio) and apply away. I've called a few places and sent a couple applications, but I think there will be a better impact if I go in person, I'm hoping.

What I can't be is too picky on what I get. It's like our D.O. said. He said that the only reason we have/get a job is to be able to serve Jehovah. Sure, we need it to pay bills and for sustanance, but THE reason is to be able to sustain us so that we could attend the meetings and preach the good news (Matthew 6.33; 24.14).

So things are going according to plan, sort of. Just having my last moments here at my job. But just as everyone I've talked to has assured me, Jehovah will provide. But I know with Jehovah's help, something will come up. No doubt about that, my friends.



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