Friday, April 21, 2006

Wonderful Word #8

Implacable (im-PLAK-uh-bull), adjective:
Definition: Incapable of being pacified.

Hasn't your mom ever told you, "¡Ya! ¡Aplácate!" - Root word: aplacar, which means to peace out, to calm. Soooo, hence the word implacable.

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  1. chelsea_bauer said...
    Hi again Roy of TX... I found my cousin "Roy"'s blog... its
    Happy you found your life as you left it... hope you didn't find any gum under those tables! That makes us former Circuit 21b'ers look bad.
    MarVel said...
    I bet your mom used that phrase on you all the time. J/K
    Roy said...
    actually.... she did....

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